Neglegere 0.2

Neglegere 0.2

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Neglegere comes from the Latin meaning to ignore or pass over, to be indifferent to. Or, in twenty-first century vernacular, to bury one’s head in the sand.  

In the same way that a house requires maintenance, and relationships need constant attention, a tree – emblematic of all contained in, on, under and above the surface of the earth – needs water, sunlight and a space to thrive. Without these, the tree’s bark will crack, slit and peel, its branches wither and break, its strength sapped, its spirit will vanish; the lives of all creatures contained within it will, too, expire.  


Art Prints are printed on high quality matt photo rag paper. They are presented in an off-white passe-partout frame, measuring 250mm x 320mm. 

Larger sizes available upon request, and printed on demand.

Please note we only keep a small stock of standard size prints, and sometimes artworks are printed on demand. Allow 1 week of processing time plus shipping to your destination. Please contact us if your order is time sensitive.